How to implement Green Cleaning at commercial facilities – Part 2


Last week we posted Part 1 of this two part series on Green Cleaning at commercial facilities, covering offices and schools. This part will set out some of the challenges faced with introducing a Green Cleaning program at two other common types of sites:

Green Cleaning in Retail

Introducing a Green Cleaning program in a retail space comes with a different set of challenges as, other than the shop staff, facilities or building managers and the landlord,  you are not dealing with the same group of individuals day in day out due to the high footfall of people on the premises. However, this does not detract from the need to effectively communicate the Green Cleaning program at the facility with those occupants who are at the premises every day so that they fully understand the benefits and advantages, as well as the different types of cleaning equipment and procedures that can be used in a retail space to ensure the least disturbance.

Green Cleaning in Healthcare Facilities

Cleaning for healthcare facilities requires a greater amount of attention to detail than any other form of commercial cleaning. Unfortunately, poor cleaning standards at healthcare facilities have led to a rise in MRSA and other harmful, and sometimes deadly, ‘superbugs’. A good cleaning program, however, can dramatically reduce the risk of these bugs spreading.

As hospitals are active throughout the day and night, the Green Cleaning program must be flexible and adaptable to the facility. Cleaning work will normally need to be scheduled to take place during quiet periods but there are often emergency situations which require a greater amount of flexibility. Working with medical staff to draw-up a list of priorities of the most crucial areas that need cleaning at a facility should be a priority for the cleaning company implementing the Green Cleaning program. Prioritising areas according to potential risks allows a cleaning program to target the most important locations. It also increases and improves the amount of cleaning in high-risk areas that require the most attention. This factor in itself is one of the key elemental differences between a Green Cleaning program and using standard cleaning methods, as it enables the efficient allocation of cleaning resources.

The fact that Green Cleaning products are used in healthcare facilities speaks volumes for the effectiveness when compared with standard cleaning products. Not only do they perform as well as standard cleaning products, but Green Cleaning products also have the overriding benefit of not being harmful to the health of patients at healthcare facilities.

There are clear advantages to implementing a Green Cleaning at commercial facilities as it benefits both the occupants, the business and the environment. If you have any questions about introducing a Green Cleaning program at your facility, contact  The Organised Cleaning Company on 020 74584433 and talk to one of our team who will be happy to help!


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How to implement Green Cleaning at commercial facilities – Part 1


Welcome to Part 1 of this two part series on how to implement Green Cleaning at commercial facilities. One of the keys to successfully introducing  Green Cleaning program on site is to ensure that you have an effective & efficient team implementing the program. Your team should include not just the cleaning operatives but also include members from key stakeholder groups on site (i.e. a representation on behalf of the landlord, the facilities manager and the building occupants) as well as someone from your janitorial supply company.

Although the principles to implement Green Cleaning at commercial facilities are similar when applied to different sites, each type of facility that requires cleaning presents its own unique set of challenges:

Green Cleaning in Offices

The size of the facility determines the application of the cleaning operations. Cleaning a smaller office enables a cleaning company to get to know clients & building occupants quicker. This makes it easier to explain the advantages of Green Cleaning and how it benefits those affected by the cleaning regime.

With larger facilities, the personal touch is lost as often the cleaning company liaises with the facilities manager. A short presentations by the cleaning company to the building occupants (and in most cases the facilities manager, landlord and parties associated with the offices) of large office buildings, explaining the implementation of the Green Cleaning program and its advantages enables greater acceptance and understanding of what the Green Cleaning program is trying to achieve.

Every office will contain people with different sensitivities, allergies and illnesses and a Green Cleaning regime will cater for all individuals as there is no recourse to cleaning chemicals.  Throughout the life of a cleaning contract it is crucial that everybody is kept in the loop and is completely aware of the environmental, financial and health benefits of implementing a Green Cleaning program to ensure effective delivery.

Green Cleaning in Schools

At schools, it is important to engage with all stakeholders – that is everybody at the school from the governs and teachers to the parents and children. All of those affected by a Green Cleaning program (either directly or indirectly) need to have a clear understanding of the new cleaning strategy being implemented at the school and the reasoning behind it.

Parents have their child’s best interests at heart so by understanding the school’s decisions to change to a Green Cleaning program and how this will benefit their child’s health (both in the short and long-term) makes parents feel that the school is mindful of their child’s health and  welfare.

One initiative which has been successfully introduced at schools in South London is Delphis Eco’s The Eco Turtle Project. The project aims to aid education surrounding sustainability in schools and also includes fundraising revenue for the school, enables pupils to learn business skills and gives the school a chance to uphold their environmental aims.

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If you have any questions about introducing a Green Cleaning program at your facility, contact  The Organised Cleaning Company on 020 74584433 and talk to one of our team who will be happy to help!

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Addicted to cleaning with bleach? Why not try these alternatives..


If you’re a die-hard member of the bleach brigade, you m might not be aware of the effects using bleach around the home has on you. Chlorine bleach isn’t the best thing for your lungs as it’s a known carcinogen that can cause burns, respiratory problems and gastrointestinal issues. If you happen to mix it with anything that contains ammonia (glass&window cleaner, oven&drain cleaner, toilet cleaner and some multi-purpose cleaners) it produces an extremely toxic gas.

From an environmental perspective, bleach can also cause serious pollution. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, our indoor air is twice as polluted as the outdoor air, mostly because of the cleaners we use. Studies have shown that chlorinated VOC (volatile organic compound) levels in the home skyrocket when you clean with bleach.

So, what are the alternatives to cleaning with bleach? There are plenty of effective options out there that aren’t so dangerous.

  1. A simple way to break your bleach addiction is by switching to oxygen bleach. It disinfects & cleans just as well as chlorine bleach, but because its active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, it’s completely nontoxic and odor-free. (Chlorine bleach’s main ingredient is sodium hypochlorite, which is pretty much the opposite of nontoxic.)
  2. There’s an amazing variety of safe bathroom cleaners out there such as ready made ‘green’ products from Delphis Eco and ECover .
  3. Borax is a time-tested, extremely versatile cleanser that contains no chlorine or phosphates.
  4. A mixture of distilled white vinegar, lemons & baking soda (along with some borax and a little tea tree oil) are all you really need to combat bathroom mold, mildew and grime.

Some useful ways that you can combine these standard, magic household ingredients to produce powerful cleaning action are as follows:

  • A thick paste made of a half-cup of vinegar and a quarter-cup baking soda will spiff up bathroom tiles — as will scrubbing with half a lemon dipped in borax powder.
  • A spray consisting of equal parts vinegar, baking soda and water is an excellent multipurpose cleaner.
  • Sprinkle a cup of borax and a quarter-cup of vinegar into your toilet bowl, let it sit overnight, then scrub and flush in the morning.
  • Unclog a drain by pouring down a handful of baking soda and a half-cup of vinegar, covering for 15 minutes and then flushing with 2 quarts of boiling water.

This is only the tip of the iceberg as far as uses for white vinegar, lemons & baking soda goes as they are amazingly versatile cleaning agents.

So, the next time you’re getting ready to clean your home with bleach, try one of these safer alternatives instead!

Five AWESOME tips for green cleaning in the workplace!


Slowly but surely, the tide is tuning towards consumers and client preferring to appoint services with sustainable and/or ‘green’ credentials. Making small, incremental & sustainable changes in the workplace can have a positive impact on the planet and a business’ bottom line.

There are many benefits to introducing green cleaning products & services at the office, such as cost savings and improved client satisfaction. With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to provide you with some AWESOME tips for a greener cleaning workplace:

1.      Ditching disposables in favor of reusable options – Replacing disposable cleaning tools with effective reusable options reduces waste and cuts down on costs associated with the extremely short lifespan of disposables. Consider setting up a rental program where professionals will collect and launder mops, shop towels and microfiber wipes…

2.      Installing dilution control systems – Dilution control systems dispense the proper amount of products or chemicals for the required task, eliminating unnecessary waste and delivering better cleaning results, whether it’s soap for washing your hands or diluting chemicals for cleaning.

3.      Switching to smarter paper towel dispensers – Older models of paper towel dispensers in kitchens and bathrooms can generate excess waste. The latest dispensers have auto settings with options for length that eliminate the ability to grab a handful of paper towels when only one is required.

4.      Using matting to reduce the need to clean – Proper & sufficient walk-off matting placed at entrances helps to trap dirt and debris from being tracked inside a facility. This reduces the need to frequently clean, which can save your cleaning contractor time and save you costs!

5.      Look for products & services that support green building certifications – Many facilities managers and building contractors are aiming to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for their new and existing buildings. Some cleaning products and services can actually contribute to securing LEED credits so it’s worth checking with your cleaning service provider to find out what solutions can meet these requirements.

The advantages of hiring office cleaners


The advantages of hiring office cleanersCleaning the office may not be a task your employees are willing to carry out and it might also distract them from more important tasks of working! You don’t want losing money because your employees are too busy cleaning the kitchen to answer an important call, right? Therefore, if you have troubles clearing your office yourself you should consider hiring professional cleaners.

Nowadays there are lots of different companies offering a variety of cleaning services, which has meant that the cleaning industry is growing quickly. Companies are offered almost any service they could need giving time of the employees to concentrate on their primary duties. Of course, more traditional managers could still insist that cleaning together creates community spirit and shows the employees that all are equal, but how often that is the case in modern companies?

The idea of everyone doing the cleaning together just doesn’t hold anymore in the modern corporate environment! Unlike home cleaning where everyone can share their responsibility a company is a place where people are expected to work together and strict hierarchy and list of tasks is required. That means that the most tedious and unpleasant tasks are always going to go to the personnel lower in hierarchy destroying the community spirit rather than creating it. So why have a special unit just for cleaning or force people in the lowest levels the tedious tasks when you could hire professional cleaners which will do the job better?

Cleaning companies have the right personnel, equipment and experience to provide you with the best & most professional office cleaning service required.They can provide the most efficient and time-saving way to keep your office tidy and in order. It is a much better alternative although it does not sound like this at first. It both saves the time of your employees to concentrate in what you pay them to do and adds to your corporate atmosphere. Your personnel would feel better if the most tedious chores are done by someone outside organization rather by themselves. You could raise their self-confidence if you make them feel more important in their own eyes by not making them do the chores. You could try hiring professional cleaners on your own but are you sure they can do a better then a cleaning company? Cleaning companies can also carry out carpet cleaning amongst other cleaning services that may be necessary in the office. Consider who will be a more efficient cleaner, an employee who only has one office to clean or a team of  professional cleaners who are occupied full time and this is their specialty?

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The Organised Cleaning Company is a commercial cleaning company set up by lawyer cum-entrepreneur Matt Harris in 2011. Our office is based in Marylebone and we provide contract and commercial cleaning services throughout central London.

Make sure you clean the communal areas of your office Part II


Commercial Cleaning Offer from The Organised Cleaning Company

Many companies without commercial cleaners tend to have a cleaning rota where staff take it in turns to clean the office. However, by hiring a commercial cleaner, you will be able to benefit from their skills and expertise and it will also mean that staff can focus on the most important thing – completing their work.

A bug bear for many employees according to research is an overflowing bin. So if you start seeing the bin overflow – empty and replace it – don’t just leave it for the next person. The same can be said for dishwashers. Often, a lot of employees will try and avoid emptying the dishwasher and we’ve all seen those offices where plates have been piled up in the sink just because no one can be bothered to empty the dishwasher. To avoid this situation, create a rota whereby staff take it in turns emptying the dishwasher. Therefore, not only does this solve the problem of the dishwasher being emptied but also make sure no staff members feel like they are constantly left to do it.

Toilets are also an area which needs to be constantly cleaned and monitored. The thought of a dirty toilet area, including sticky floors, is a major factor in employee de-motivation. Not many employees want to be tasked with cleaning the office toilets so it may be time for you to consider a commercial cleaner who will ensure these areas are thoroughly cleaned and smell fresh every day. Aside from being kept clean, it’s also important to have plenty of supplies such as toilet rolls and soap handy for employees.  Make sure that all staff members know where the spare supplies are kept and refill when needed.

Whilst the kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important communal areas to keep clean for staff motivation, if your office has meeting rooms and a reception area, it is key to ensure these are regularly cleaned so that your company gives off the best reputation to any potential clients. Always ensure coffee machines are refilled and that there are plenty of clean cups on hand for meetings. Make a rule for your employees that dirty cups have to be taken out and not left in the room for others to clean up.

Following these tips should help make your work place a better environment and, as a result, employees should be more motivated to work harder and committed to the company. If you do not have an office cleaner, speak to a few commercial cleaning companies to find out about their services as investing in reputable and reliable cleaners will help your employees and business thrive.

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Begin the spring with a fantastic spring clean!


Begin the spring with cleaning the houseSpringtime is nearly here and there are so many things to clean at the beginning of the spring that you can often forget something. On the other hand, one can be tempted to rush while cleaning the carpets, sofas, kitchen or bathroom tiles. Changing and arranging clothes your wardrobe is only a small part of what`s to come.

We’ve set out a few steps to follow to make your home shine like new. Follow them in your own order, allow at least one full day for cleaning & let the journey begin!

– First, a simple & short checklist for rooms and the items that need cleaning will be a good. While enjoying your morning coffee, compile a shopping list for cleaning materials for upholstery, leather, windows, carpets and tile surfaces. There are a myriad of cleaning solutions available, each with its own unique purpose and maximum effect. Add another column in the checklist with the items and objects with the heaviest blemishes. This may include the carpet in the living room if it sees a lot of wear, as well as the sink in the bathroom or the tiles on the walls in the bathroom. Maybe your comfortable sofa or your carpets with the heaviest stains should be included, because they probably need deep cleaning with a hot-water system. Creating a checklist is just an option, but a truly recommended one if you don`t want to forget something important during your spring cleaning.

– Begin with the dirtiest rooms by vacuuming objects like carpets and rugs. After that, shampooing is one of the most typical domestic cleaning methods and it requires just a couple of clean towels, a bowl with hot water and your favorite shampoo. Stir thoroughly the wet mixture onto the carpet`s most stained spots via stiff or nylon brush, but not a metal one. Leave for a dozen minutes or so, then clean the wet spot with a towel. Dab up the excess spill and after another few dozen minutes repeat the cleaning again. If the weather is warm and sunny – leave the rugs outside under a direct sunlight to dry faster, but only for a short while. Direct sunlight can cause damages to the color & texture of rugs, especially hand-made ones.

– Meanwhile, clean the upholstery like sofas, beds, leather upholstery, cushions, etc. There are two main types of cleaning – a dry one via vacuuming, brushing or just beating the cushions outdoors, and a wet one via hot-water machines and steam-water machines. There is no doubt – the professional cleaning services of cleaning companies such as ourselves are unsurpassed. Professional cleaners know exactly which detergent solution is needed for a specific upholstery part, according to the wear, the type of upholstery, the texture of the upholstery and a variety of other factors. You can do it by yourself too, but it`s quite risky and can be overwhelming, especially for the capricious texture of objects with leather upholstery.

– Don`t forget with the windows and the outdoor areas like the garden, the porch or the terrace. Cleaning the exposed side of the windows is the most overwhelming task, but a simple homemade solution with hot water and vinegar can do a great job. Spray the mixture onto the windows, clean with towels and squeegee, and then polish. Yet remember that all this is just a hint of what`s to come during the spring house cleaning.

Carrying out a good spring clean of your home can take time, so if you’d like professional cleaners to take care of it why  not give us a call on 020 7458 4433, drop us a line at or visit our website and submit your request online!