DIY End of Tenancy Cleaning Ideas…


End of tenancy cleaning is something that every tenant is required to do when you move out of your rental property and want to get your deposit back. Sometimes you end up hiring professional end of tenancy cleaning contractors and sometimes you take the challenge on yourself because you want to save costs!

We’ve published a previous post about DIY end for tenancy cleaning but we thought we’d give you some more useful tips so that you can handle the challenge of an end of tenancy clean yourself!

  1. Make sure that you carry out your end of tenancy clean after you have moved out, otherwise it can get really annoying when you have your stuff boxed up and your trying to clean. The best solution to this is to move out and then on the last day, clean it all up as you go along.
  2. Vacuum items like curtains – although you might consider having these professionally cleaned, if you have them. Blinds are easy, a damp cloth  will work best.
  3. Clean and degrease everything in the kitchen. All white goods can be cleaned using a damp cloth and all you need to do is find a good heavy duty degreaser to cut through the grease on the stovetop.
  4. When you mop your kitchen & bathroom floors, a good tip is to keep a spare towel to finish wiping around until the floor becomes completely clean and dry.
  5. Work on all your windows and mirrors with a good glass cleaner and glass microfibre cloth for the best results, ensuring that they are are completely streak free!
  6. When it comes to cupboards and closets, first use a dry cloth to wipe off all the dust and then take a damp cloth to clean up all the shelves. If there are any spots, take a baby wipe and scrub it in. Work in the direction of the grain and you won’t cause any damage to the wood or the surfacing.
  7. Check your kitchen walls for splatters. More often than not, you will find random splatters that you need to clean. Again use a damp cloth for your cleaning – it will make your job easier.
  8. Ensure that when you are doing bathroom cleaning, you clean all the mould and mildew off the tiles and anywhere else that it may have built up. You can do this by getting a mould remover or cleaner from the local supermarket. Spray it onto the affected area and leave it for a few minutes to work its magic. Don’t forget to use safety gloves and mask when you apply bleach or other strong detergents.
  9. Ensure that when you are cleaning your flat or house you are doing it in socks.! Strange advice right? However, any kind of shoes will end up making a mess on the floor, and socks will keep your feet protected.
  10. Throw away  any type of rubbish or trash that you find around the place, especially stuff from the kitchen. You don’t want the palce to stink because of old food,  especially after you have done such a good job cleaning it!

By following these tips and checking out our previous article, you’re well on your way to getting your deposit back.

If you do want the professionals to deal, give ProClean Team a call on 020 8742 1808 or check out their website by following this link!

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