Weird & wonderful #CleanerHacks


Fed up with your standard household cleaning products? Ready to try a new approach?  If so then we’re about to introduce you to some bizarre but effective cleaning tricks which will help you with your everyday household cleaning chores…

1. Vodka

Using vodka to clean at home doesn’t sound too shocking right? Apart from enjoying a nice vodka tonic after work, why not try to utilize the last few drops left at the bottom of the bottle to clean  porcelain, chrome or glass. All you need is a soft clean microfibre cloth and off you go!

2. Hair Conditioner

Next, why not try using hair conditioner for guess what – cleaning your precious little car. Even though it might seem unusual, it works. It’s better if the conditioner contains lanolin so that the effect of the cleaning will be more visible. Another advantage of this cleaning trick is that when the surface of the car will repel rain, which is another reason to try it.

3. Washing Up Liquid (Not so weird)

With winter around the corner, everyone knows the effects of ice steps on the front door late at night or early in the morning. What this trick proposes is just to mix a bowl of hot water with a significant amount of dish washing liquid. When you put this on the steps they simply won’t freeze again. Keep an eye out when you do walk on it the next time there’s ice about incase the experiment isn’t successful as it works better with some washing up liquids than others…

4. Shaving Cream

Do you get angry when after taking a shower in the bathroom the mirror is so blurred that you could not see your own face? Now there is a solution for your problem – get some of your boyfriend/husband/flat mate’s shaving cream and put some of it on the surface of the mirror, then wait for a second and wipe it with an appropriate cloth . Then say “Hi” to yourself in front of the shiny, clean mirror.

Even if you find them hard to believe, these quirky little tips are useful, and what have you got to lose by giving them a try?!

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