Useful tips on keeping good relations with your landlord…


Being a tenant can be a challenging experience – not only do you have to find the right property to rent, in the right area, at the right price – once you’ve got that property, you also need to maintain a good relationship with your landlord!

There are many ways to keeping your landlord happy, and we have set out the three most common ways below:

cleaning_regularly-300x2301. Clean the property regularly.

That’s right, grab those marigolds and take care of your rental on a regular basis as if it’s your own home! This creates a positive impression for the landlord when they carry out their inspection and find that you are looking after their property. The areas to pay special attention to when cleaning are the kitchen & bathroom – especially as these are the most frequently used areas!

If you don’t clean regularly, these are the places that become harder to deal with when the time comes to move out of the property. Regular cleaning will definitely save you a lot of time & effort when you decide to move out. All tenancy agreements contain a provision requiring the tenant to leave the property in the same condition than at the start of the tenancy, so you will are required to give it a good clean when you do move out.

If you decide to clean yourself, check out our DIY guide to end of tenancy cleaning! Otherwise, call the professionals in to help you clean…

unclog_drains-300x2012. Repair the property when there’s damage…

When we talk about repairing we mean small issues like dealing with mould, unclogging the drainpipes and dealing with minor decorating matters or other damage caused in the property by you or your guests. Normal wear & tear or some electrical appliance failure to the dishwasher, microwave, oven, washing machine, coffee machine, etc. will best be left to the landlord to deal once you have given him a heads up that they need fixing. Keeping in touch with your landlord will show that you are a responsible tenant and fixing small problems yourself will help to build good relations as well.

It goes without saying that it’s in your interest to avoid damaging the property, especially if you rent one with furniture, as any damages that aren’t fixed by the end of the tenancy can be deducted from your deposit.

pay_on_time-300x1803. Pay your bills and rent on time.

Nothing will earn your landlord’s trust more then paying your utility bills and rent on time. Every landlord wants his or her new tenant to act responsibly and observe every clause of their tenancy agreement, which includes paying bills and rent!

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