Hoovers – what you need to know Part 1


As homeowners or renters we understand the importance of keeping our homes refreshingly clean. While theres always something that needs to be cleaned regularly the floors need more attention than most we walk on them all the time!

The good news of course is that vacuum cleaners can help, but what type should you use? Well, we thought wed put together a handy little guide to help!

1. Upright

Upright vacuums are a very powerful vacuum, probably the most powerful on the market. Many homeowners will tend to utilize the upright as their main vacuum for cleaning the entire home. These model can be heavy, so many users will switch to a lighter weight model to spot clean their carpet, upholstery, and vehicle.

2. Cylinder

Cylinder vacuums are quite a bit different from the upright cleaner. The cylinder vacuum body basically sits horizontally and uses a hose that attaches to a head. So anytime you are using the cleaner, you are going to have to bend over, but that does not mean this is not a great design. In fact, many homeowners have come to prefer this model to the other options. These vacuum cleaners are designed to be lighter and more compact, which makes them great for cleaning stairs and hard to get to places.

3. Cordless

The cordless upright vacuum cleaner is growing in popularity. The model is similar to the corded upright vacuum. The main differences are that the cordless models will not have an attached electrical cable and are very lightweight. Of course, this means that it will depend on a rechargeable battery for power, but more homeowners find this style much more convenient.

4. Handheld

This style of vacuum cleaner is generally cordless and it solely relies on a lithium-ion battery for powering. If you want to get the full suction power of the cleaner, you are going to need a full charge. With that being said, lots of people prefer this model to the other options on the market. However, you should know that a handheld vacuum cleaner does come with its own advantages and disadvantages.

5. Wet & Dry

Sometimes a traditional vacuum cleaner can have problems tackling deep-down dirt. This is where wet and dry vacuum cleaners come in handy. This style of vacuum cleaner almost works just like a traditional vacuum cleaner. However, the difference is the design of the fan and motor located inside the machine. These vacuums are often utilized in a workshop and for cleaning up liquid spills, since they are equipped with a large stainless tank that is capable of holding anywhere from 2 ½-16 gallons of fluid.

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