Tenants – do these things before moving out!


Moving out is a stressful activity, which requires a lot of preparation and effort. We thought we’d give you some useful tips not to forget when moving out of your rental:

1. Packing & Sorting – Start packing and sorting your clothes and items in the kitchens and bedrooms, which you do not use on a regular basis. Pack all these things away now, and two or three days before moving you will only need to pack away a few things you’ve been left to use.

2. Utilities – Remember to let companies such as broadband, telephone lines & utility services know that you are changing your address and the date you’re going to be moving.

3. If you have a car… Don’t forget to let DVLA know your new address so that they can update your driving license and a vehicle registration certificate.

4. Parking – Does your new place have resident parking? Or will you have to park it in a paid parking lot? How much does the resident parking cost per year if it is not free? Better to find out now than later.

5. Junk Mail – Have you been receiving a lot of adverts and junk letters in your mail lately? To stop companies & charities from posting to you may be able to remove up to 95% of junk mail by contacting junk removing services found online.

7. Banking – Another important step before moving is to notify your bank about your new address, this is due to banks being known to block your card once they realize that you have not been living at your home anymore. You can notify the bank using an online banking service, calling your bank or simply by coming up to your local branch and requesting a change of address.

8. Council Tax – Change the address of your council tax invoices.

After dealing with these chores you’ll be ready to receive everything you need to restart at your new place!

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