Seven things you SHOULDN’T keep in your bathroom…


Out of habit, we store these things in the bathroom without giving it a second thought. However, if you treasure these  items, make sure you move them out of the bathroom NOW and store them somewhere else (not the kitchen ;P):

1.Nail Polish

If you want to extent the two year shelf life that nail polish has, don’t store them in the bathroom where the temperature is always changing. Keep your nail polish somewhere where the room temperature is consistent.

2. Make-Up

AS a rule of thumb, make-up should be stored at room temperature as well so it’s not ideal to store it in the bathroom. Time to invest in a fabulous vanity for your bedroom!

3. Jewellery

Do you put on your favourite ring or necklace as soon as you step out of the shower? If so, make sure you don’t get into the habit of storing them in the bathroom as the humid environment speeds up the oxidation process and makes the jewellery tarnish faster…


The bathroom is one of those places in a home where mould&mildew grows the fastest so make sure you store your freshor and dry towels and linens in a dry place, like your hall cupboard. Also, make sure you ventilate the bathroom after having a shower to help air out the space and dry damp towels.

 5. Medicine 

Even though it’s called a medicine cabinet, prescription drugs should be kept well away from the bathroom and stored at room temperature. The drugs could loose their effectiveness if they’re not stored in a cool & dry place.

6.Extra Razors

Try not to ruin your razor blades by keeping them in a place that gets humid. Store extras outside the bathroom to stop them from dulling and rusting prematurely, or keep them in a sealable plastic bag for protection!

7. Non-Waterproof Electronics

The iPhone 7 or Samsung may be waterproof, but high humidity makes electronic items susceptible to damage. Therefore make sure you use appliances specifically designed for the bathroom instead

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