Two years ago, us Brits spent 30 minutes more cleaning our homes….


Despite an Englishman’s home being his castle, across Britain when it comes to cleaning that castle, it seems that we might be letting our standards slip!

We’ve come across research from Mintel which reveals that us Brits are spending 32 minutes less on cleaning our home each week in comparison to 2014, which amounts to a sparkling saving of almost 28 hours a year!

Today, those of us responsible for cleaning the home spend an average of four hours and seven minutes a week cleaning, which is a fall from four hours and 39 minutes  reported back in 2014.

While smaller households are in part contributing to the decline in time we spend mopping, dusting and polishing, so too is the rising use of multipurpose cleaners. Those of us who opt for the ease of using a multipurpose cleaners spend on average three hours 57 minutes per week cleaning our homes, compared to those who use specialised cleaning products who spend a laborious four hours 45 minutes per week. Overall, two thirds (66%) of us Brits prefer multipurpose cleaners while one quarter (25%) favour specialised cleaning products.

When it comes to who is top of the mops, it’s the North West who boast the highest cleaning credentials. On average, those of us living in the North West spend five hours and 10 minutes per week cleaning. Those living in the North West  are also amongst the most likely to agree that maintaining a clean home is important to their own & their family’s health (76%).

On the other hand, those living in the South West of the country (as well as Yorkshire and Humberside) are less likely to be using as much elbow grease, with people living in these regions spending on average three hours and 19 minutes cleaning the home.

For today’s time-pressed consumer, it seems busy lives are getting in the way of cleaning routines. Over three in five (62%) people say they clean when they have the time, compared to just 32% who say they schedule time to do house cleaning.

Mintel research also indicates that cleaning the oven is the least enjoyable household task for those with responsibility for cleaning, as 67% rank it among their top three dislikes along with cleaning the toilet (47%) and windows (41%).

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