Useful tips for cleaning your bathroom…


Clean bathrooms are a must! Nobody enjoys walking into a dirty, stinky bathroom that turns your stomach. To keep it clean and do it right, bathroom cleaning takes four different products. What? You mean my one all purpose bathroom cleaner that I got at the big box store is not enough?

That’s right. Bathrooms harbor lots of gunk that not only make it look dirty but can create a horrific odor if not properly cleaned.

Here’s what you will need for cleaning your bathroom:

  1. A high quality cleaner that is designed to deep clean. A ready to use, peroxide based product works great for this.
  2.  Once cleaned, you need a good disinfectant that will kill all the germs left behind. Using an acid-free disinfectant is much safer. Disinfectants will ensure that your bathroom is as near germ free as possible.
  3. What about a toilet bowl cleaner? Yep, you need that too. Toilet bowl cleaners are manufactured specifically for this task.
  4. How about a good glass cleaner? That’s right, you need to clean the mirrors too. Surely you don’t want all those spots staring at you when you brush your teeth, do you?
  5. As a bonus, get a good enzyme product that is manufactured strictly to eliminate odor, mainly caused by urine. The trick in using enzyme products is to be certain that it is not used in conjunction with a disinfectant which has not dried. A disinfectant will kill the enzymes rendering it useless.

If you follow these bathroom cleaning tips, you will have a clean bathroom that you can be proud to let your guests use!

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