Five AWESOME tips for green cleaning in the workplace!


Slowly but surely, the tide is tuning towards consumers and client preferring to appoint services with sustainable and/or ‘green’ credentials. Making small, incremental & sustainable changes in the workplace can have a positive impact on the planet and a business’ bottom line.

There are many benefits to introducing green cleaning products & services at the office, such as cost savings and improved client satisfaction. With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to provide you with some AWESOME tips for a greener cleaning workplace:

1.      Ditching disposables in favor of reusable options – Replacing disposable cleaning tools with effective reusable options reduces waste and cuts down on costs associated with the extremely short lifespan of disposables. Consider setting up a rental program where professionals will collect and launder mops, shop towels and microfiber wipes…

2.      Installing dilution control systems – Dilution control systems dispense the proper amount of products or chemicals for the required task, eliminating unnecessary waste and delivering better cleaning results, whether it’s soap for washing your hands or diluting chemicals for cleaning.

3.      Switching to smarter paper towel dispensers – Older models of paper towel dispensers in kitchens and bathrooms can generate excess waste. The latest dispensers have auto settings with options for length that eliminate the ability to grab a handful of paper towels when only one is required.

4.      Using matting to reduce the need to clean – Proper & sufficient walk-off matting placed at entrances helps to trap dirt and debris from being tracked inside a facility. This reduces the need to frequently clean, which can save your cleaning contractor time and save you costs!

5.      Look for products & services that support green building certifications – Many facilities managers and building contractors are aiming to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for their new and existing buildings. Some cleaning products and services can actually contribute to securing LEED credits so it’s worth checking with your cleaning service provider to find out what solutions can meet these requirements.

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