Nine top carpet cleaning tips…


carpet-cleaning-wandCarpets can be expensive to replace, so we thought some useful & practical tips for maintaining the carpets in your property would help manage costs. Proper cleaning & maintenance of carpets is essential to ensure its longevity. From a practical, day-to-day maintenance point of view, dealing with dirt as it accumulates on the carpet requires a planned attack!

With that in mind, here are some recommendations that will make a significant & immediate difference in keeping your carpet clean:

  1. More than 90% of dirt on indoor carpets is tracked in on shoe soles. Carpets get dirty where people walk. By keeping external access areas clean, less dirt ends up inside!
  2. Entrance mats should have good pile, good length and be able to trap both dry dirt and moisture. It is important to include these mats in the daily vacuuming activities, which will remove a great deal of the dirt being brought in from outside.
  3. Daily vacuuming is the single most important thing to do. Vacuum all high-traffic areas, for example, entrances and main hallways. The more vacuuming you do, the less cleaning you will need to do. Note that suction only vacuums don’t clean carpet they litter pick the surface.
  4. The majority of the dirt that comes into properties is dry dirt, which is most effectively removed through vacuuming.  Most carpet manufacturers recommend pile lifting as an important step in maintaining carpet,  opening the yarns & standing them up vertically so that regular vacuuming is more effective. This can be achieved by using a combined brushing/vacuuming machine.
  5. You don’t have to clean all the carpet all the time – just the areas of greatest use. While wall to wall cleaning is occasionally needed, concentrate your resources on the areas of greatest use.
  6. Transition areas—where carpet meets hard floor surfaces—are easy to maintain with this strategy. The carpet can be dry cleaned, returned to use immediately, and users can continue to walk safely from the clean carpet onto the hard surfaces.
  7. Make sure that your vacuums are in good operating condition. Check belts, beater bar, brush agitators, vacuum bags and filters, regular maintenance is essential. Even the best vacuum performs poorly when not maintained.
  8. Spend more time and effort cleaning and vacuuming ground floor areas. The dirt comes from outside at ground level. The more you clean there, the less is needed on the upper floors.
  9. Establish a simple spot removal program that encourages and makes it easy to clean up and remove spots every day.


Above all make carpet care a planned & routine operation so that the carpet will look good for much longer! If you need any questions answered about carpet maintenance and cleaning, contact The Organised Cleaning Company on 020 7458 4433 and they’d be happy to help.

4 thoughts on “Nine top carpet cleaning tips…

  1. I vacuum my carpet twice every week, but I would like to know what else I can do to make it look cleaner. It’s interesting how pile lifting can help clean out dirt more effectively. It makes sense to open the yarns when vacuuming them to make it easier to suck out dirt. This will transform the way I vacuum my carpet in the future. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Really good tips, thanks. Personally, I get my carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year, depending how busy my house has been.

    • Hi Sean, thanks – glad you found them useful. Sounds like you’ve got a good maintenance routine which is important for extending the life of your carpet. If you can think of anything specific you’d like some tips on let us know! 🙂

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