Top tips for spring cleaning a commercial property!


With sunshine & spring in the air, we though it would be useful to provide some useful spring cleaning tips for a commercial property.

Office managers, facilities managers & building owners should look into freshening your building. A well-cared-for building also enhances the health and morale of the people in it. With that in mind, here are some useful pointers to take into account:

1.   Building Walk-Through: Catch small problems now before they become big ones. Addressing small details can add up to huge improvements in appearance and functionality so arrange a walk through with your cleaning service provider. Some things to pay particular attention to are tiles & grout,  light switches, ceiling tiles, countertops & shelving, cabinets and hinges.

2.    Assessing Floors & Carpets:  The cold weather may have been harsh on flooring, so now is the time to arrange a good deep clean. Stripping & waxing  will extend the life of hard surfaces. Carpet cleaning will keep them new looking and also reduce allergens.
Schools in particular should schedule their annual maintenance of gym floors.

3.    Freshen Up Bathrooms & Toilets:  Daily cleaning always necessary, but quarterly or bi-annual deep cleaning is also a must. Facilities that have a shower must have the shower head descaled once a quarter to comply with health & safety regulations regarding the spread of legionella.Dirt & germs that inevitably build-up over time can be attacked now by sanitizing all restroom surfaces, fixtures and floors.

4.    Condition Air Conditioning Units: Time to give that A/C unit a thorough spring check-up so it will cool efficiently when the hot weather comes. Coil cleaning improves indoor air quality, which keeps everyone healthier. Preventive maintenance this spring will keep everyone happy this summer.

5.    Freshen Up First Impressions: Make people happy before they even walk in the door of your building. Now is the time to plant seasonal flowers! Whether you have a formal landscaping plan or just a few pots by the front door, flowers will make the right impression. Greenery inside your building will also create a welcoming environment.

If you have any questions about carrying out a spring clean at your commercial property, the good folks at The Organised Cleaning Company are happy to help with any questions you might have about carrying out a spring clean at your commercial property. You can contact them on 020 7458 4433 or email

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