What has 300 times more bacteria than a toilet seat?


Gym Equipment

We came across research results collected by fitness equipment reviewer FitRated, which gathered test samples from weights, treadmills and exercises bikes at 3 different gym locations . Their samples found that the average exercise bike has 39 times more germs than a tray from a school cafeteria, and the typical treadmill has 74 times more bacteria than the taps in public toilet facilities.

FitRated carried out the tests on 27 pieces of equipment, found that each item harboured more than a million germs per square inch, with more than 70 per cent of the bacteria found in the study being potentially harmful to humans.

As gym equipment is used by a  community of people, if it is not wiped down properly before and after use, it provides a breading ground for bacteria to grow. Free weights, treadmills and exercise bikes were all found to contain gram-positive cocci – a bacteria that commonly causes skin infections and other illnesses. The test also found Bacillus – a potential cause of ear, eye and respiratory infections – on exercise bikes and free weights.

According to FitRated, with numerous people touching gym equipment at the gym every day, the presence of bacteria on commonly used equipment is to be expected. They strongly recommend, however, that disinfecting machines before and after each use and practicing good hygiene like washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap before and after each workout is also carried out. We couldn’t agree more!


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