Clients demands for dual or multi-service requirements are on the increase


a64ab39f32ad4b6c9d99f374d604783bThe Organised Cleaning Company has spoke with 200 security companies in London & the Home Counties (including 150 SIA approved security contractors) about client services and the general feedback highlighted that:

  1. Clients are looking for more of a one stop solution when it comes to soft services;
  2. Clients have terminated contracts with companies that could only provide security services, and appointed businesses that provided either a dual or multi-service solution; and
  3. The number of tenders requiring both security & cleaning to be supplied by the same service provider is on the increase and is starting to become the norm for government contracts.

Our findings have highlighted that top of the list of additional services clients are looking to pair security with is cleaning, due to the economies of scale that can be achieved across both services.

If you’d like a copy of The Organised Cleaning Company full research report entitled “Challenges facing Security Companies in 2016” please email Matt Harris at

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