Scheduled kitchen cleaning!


If you’re looking to embark on cleaning your kitchen, make sure that you prepare a checklist for cleaning, especially as the kitchen has more  furnishings, objects and equipment than any other room in the house!

To help you organise an effective cleaning schedule you should be guided by two main principles – the first one is to put high-level surfaces on your list as these are often left untouched, and the second is to start with the heavily soiled objects or with the objects that require a lot of time for cleaning. We recommend the following short schedule for kitchen cleaning:

1) Wipe of dust from all the objects and surfaces at high-level, such as the cupboard tops,  the ceiling and light fittings.

2) Defrost the fridge and the freezer and clean out the kitchen cabinets. Start by a complete removal of the inner shelves and racks, and clean them separately.When the fridge and the freezer are completely defrosted – start with a removal of all the interior compartments such as hinges, doors and racks. Clean them on the sink with a brush or with a sponge, soaked in a powerful cleaning detergent. While waiting to dry, clean the inner side of the fridge and don`t forget to wipe off dust and dirt from the cooling coils on the backside as well.

3) Clean the window frames and the windows themselves. First from the inner side and then from the exterior side. Don`t forget the window coverings!

4) Oven cleaning is one of the most overwhelming tasks to come across and because of that, a great idea is to put this near the top of your list for kitchen cleaning. Make sure you have a good oven cleaning product to hand but be careful, as these often contain harsh compounds that can irritate the skin so make sure you wear gloves! Remove the oven racks and soak them in the kitchen sink or in a huge bowl. Use a stiff brush for rubbing the hardest stains and dried greasy spots, and clean the inner parts of the oven with a sponge and a cloth. Use a commercial detergent compound for metal surfaces and pay more attention to the vents and the lights. Do the same procedures with the gas stove and with the burner grit.

5) Clean the kitchen sink, remove the sink disposal and run ice cubes with a lemon through the disposal. This simple method provides an impressive deodorizing effect. Don`t forget to clean and polish the kitchen countertop, which may need some soaking for a dozen minutes. Use a stiff brush again to get into the tiniest areas such as the grout lines in tiled countertops or counters that are made out of stone textures.

If you’d rather have a professional carry out your kitchen cleaning, why not contact The Organised Cleaning Company on 020 7458 4433, email us at or visit our website at and submit your request online!

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