Do you really know what today’s tenants want?


prop.-manag.As the UK faces a housing shortage, our population continues to grow so it comes as no surprise that renting in and around city centres is increasingly becoming the norm. As more people rent, prices continue to increase and people’s expectations are getting higher.

But what exactly do young renters want from their home? The first thing is – location, location, location. This remains a deciding factor for many renters as they want to be in the midst of city centres, surrounded by excellent transport links.

Surveys have shown that the next on the list for young professionals is a property that make a neat, clean and modern first impression, which means that a property needs to be move in ready! The property’s specification needs to be high and well laid out, with fixtures, fittings and furniture really adding to the overall appeal of the property.

Additionally, off-street parking, outdoor space (in the form of balconies or gardens), large windows and existing BT or Sky connections cam act as unique selling points, further increasing a properties appeal. Essentially, people are looking for the same standard in a rental home that they would look for in their dream house.

As a landlord you want to protect your investment and create the best possible first impression for any new or prospective tenant. This will include keeping the property neat and clean, which is where The Organised Cleaning Company comes in to help. Our pre & end of tenancy cleaning service will ensure that the standard of cleanliness of your property is maintained both at check out and check in. Contact us today on 020 7458 4433, email us on or visit our website and submit your enquiry online.

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