Which cleaning service to choose for the (Indian) summer!


Which cleaning services to choose for the summerThere’s no doubt that the professional services of a cleaning company can save you time & effort. They can also ensure   flawless result which you probably can`t achieve by yourself! Whether it’s a big (Indian) summer or spring clean, or even when it comes to pre &  end of tenancy cleaning – we’ve given you a few tips, which can help you pick the right cleaning company for your cleaning requirements:

1) Consider calling the professional cleaners if you have to deal with window cleaning. The inside of the windows are normally easy to clean (depending on their size), but that does depend on how frequently you clean and maintain the condition of your windows. A seasonal wiping off of dust and cleaning via commercial spray for windows with a squeegee might be insufficient, especially if you are located in inner city London. The outside windows are normally more difficult and definitely require professional window cleaners! The windows frames are also important and can be tricky to clean.  Professional window cleaners have all the tools, detergents and polishing waxes to ensure a flawless look of your windows for the (Indian) summer and the winter.

2) A good idea to consider is to bring in a professional cleaning company to clean, sanitize and deodorize your house. This is especially useful if you have small kids at home or you let the pets to sit on the chairs, as well as play onto sofas, etc. Sanitizing only is the best way to repel future stains, bacteria and microorganisms, while the professional sanitizing machines are undoubtedly the best tool for this purpose.

3) A big domestic clean usually involves hiring a professional cleaning company to deal with your kitchen clean. This saves you plenty of time dealing with grease, dirt and the most dreaded of all – the oven! A professional cleaning company knows how best how to avoid risks of damaging or scratching delicate glossy parts during the fridge or oven cleaning, and will also make sure that every last bit of dirt and grease is dealt with in the kitchen.

4) There are cleaning companies that are specialized in cleaning outdoor spaces too – the perfect choice if your garden is bigger than the house itself. From shaping the branches of the trees and cleaning hardwood decks, to flower maintenance and removal of piled leafs in the gutters – there are plenty of great cleaning tasks that await you in the outdoor spaces.

5) Deep cleaning carpets, rugs and other textile floorings! If your carpets are big & heavy, they become even heavier when they are soaked up in water and detergents. It always pays to call in the professionals to give them a good clean. That`s why hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is another great hint for the summer.

If you require help with any spring cleaning or deep cleaning in London & the Home Counties, contact The Organised Cleaning Company on 020 7458 4433 or email us on iprefer@organisedcleaning.com. Alternatively you can visit our website and submit your request online and receive a little treat!

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