Preparing your property for cold & adverse weather!


UnknownWith the prolonged cold snap & flooding we’re currently facing, there are lots of things a landlord can do to make sure that they protect their investment and keep your tenants dry & warm!

We would always recommend preparing for the worst as early as possible to avoid claims such as escape of water, storm damage or blocked drains. We’ve prepared some top tips for landlords when the weather does get bad and what to do in an emergency:

  1. Make sure your pipes and tanks int he loft are adequately insulated, and check they haven’t been moved or dislodged by the tenant
  2. Clear out your gutters & downpipes and check that they are clear of cracks
  3. Clear drain gratings of leaves and debris
  4. Make sure overflow pipes are correctly connected and blocked
  5. Replace cracked or missing roof tiles
  6. Make sure external pipework is not lagged, including outside taps
  7. Regularly drain services where your property is unoccupied.

With regards to tenants, it’s always useful to speak with them and make sure they are helping to protect your property. Some things they can do whilst at the property:

  • Keep doors between heated and unheated parts of the property open so the air can circulate. In really cold weather this can include leaving the loft hatch open
  • Check that they know where the stopcock is in case they have to turn the water off in any part of the property
  • Provide them with the number of an reputable contractor who can deal with emergency situations
  • If tenants are going to be away, ask them to leave the heating on a low heat, and you can offer to contribute to the heating bill.

Unexpected weather can potentially cause severe damage to your property so make sure that you have measures in place and the appropriate landlord insurance to cover all eventualities.

If you need any emergency repair work and would like regular check ups on your property, why not give our property maintenance department a call on 020 7458 4433 or drop us a line at and we’d be more than happy to help!

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