Begin the spring with a fantastic spring clean!


Begin the spring with cleaning the houseSpringtime is nearly here and there are so many things to clean at the beginning of the spring that you can often forget something. On the other hand, one can be tempted to rush while cleaning the carpets, sofas, kitchen or bathroom tiles. Changing and arranging clothes your wardrobe is only a small part of what`s to come.

We’ve set out a few steps to follow to make your home shine like new. Follow them in your own order, allow at least one full day for cleaning & let the journey begin!

– First, a simple & short checklist for rooms and the items that need cleaning will be a good. While enjoying your morning coffee, compile a shopping list for cleaning materials for upholstery, leather, windows, carpets and tile surfaces. There are a myriad of cleaning solutions available, each with its own unique purpose and maximum effect. Add another column in the checklist with the items and objects with the heaviest blemishes. This may include the carpet in the living room if it sees a lot of wear, as well as the sink in the bathroom or the tiles on the walls in the bathroom. Maybe your comfortable sofa or your carpets with the heaviest stains should be included, because they probably need deep cleaning with a hot-water system. Creating a checklist is just an option, but a truly recommended one if you don`t want to forget something important during your spring cleaning.

– Begin with the dirtiest rooms by vacuuming objects like carpets and rugs. After that, shampooing is one of the most typical domestic cleaning methods and it requires just a couple of clean towels, a bowl with hot water and your favorite shampoo. Stir thoroughly the wet mixture onto the carpet`s most stained spots via stiff or nylon brush, but not a metal one. Leave for a dozen minutes or so, then clean the wet spot with a towel. Dab up the excess spill and after another few dozen minutes repeat the cleaning again. If the weather is warm and sunny – leave the rugs outside under a direct sunlight to dry faster, but only for a short while. Direct sunlight can cause damages to the color & texture of rugs, especially hand-made ones.

– Meanwhile, clean the upholstery like sofas, beds, leather upholstery, cushions, etc. There are two main types of cleaning – a dry one via vacuuming, brushing or just beating the cushions outdoors, and a wet one via hot-water machines and steam-water machines. There is no doubt – the professional cleaning services of cleaning companies such as ourselves are unsurpassed. Professional cleaners know exactly which detergent solution is needed for a specific upholstery part, according to the wear, the type of upholstery, the texture of the upholstery and a variety of other factors. You can do it by yourself too, but it`s quite risky and can be overwhelming, especially for the capricious texture of objects with leather upholstery.

– Don`t forget with the windows and the outdoor areas like the garden, the porch or the terrace. Cleaning the exposed side of the windows is the most overwhelming task, but a simple homemade solution with hot water and vinegar can do a great job. Spray the mixture onto the windows, clean with towels and squeegee, and then polish. Yet remember that all this is just a hint of what`s to come during the spring house cleaning.

Carrying out a good spring clean of your home can take time, so if you’d like professional cleaners to take care of it why  not give us a call on 020 7458 4433, drop us a line at or visit our website and submit your request online!

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