Make sure you clean the communal areas of your office Part I


The key to any successful business is keeping staff motivated. There are many ways of achieving this, such as cash bonuses and vouchers. However, often business owners forget how simple things, such as having a clean and tidy office, can really make a difference to staff morale.Whilst it’s difficult to change the habits of hoarders and messy workers, focussing on keeping communal areas clean can be an easy way to make staff feel happier in the workplace.

Many companies without commercial cleaners tend to have a cleaning rota where staff take it in turns to clean the office. However, by hiring a commercial cleaner, you will be able to benefit from their skills and expertise and it will also mean that staff can focus on the most important thing – completing their work.

If you do have an office cleaner, make sure that they focus on communal areas as, not only can these areas lead to a de-motivated workforce, but if left dirty can also spread unwanted germs and bugs potentially increasing the number of illnesses in the office.

For most businesses, the office kitchen will be frequented by most employees throughout the day, whether it’s to make a cup of tea, heat soup or wash dishes. For this reason, kitchen hygiene and cleanliness is vital for the wellbeing of staff. Whilst a good commercial cleaner will make sure worktops are wiped down and the kitchen is germ free, it’s also important that each staff member takes responsibility for their own mess and cleans up after themselves.

Open the windows often to allow fresh air into the rooms as no one wants to have a meeting in a stuffy room. Emptying bins regularly is also a key factor in keeping meeting rooms clean and fresh. It’s also worth giving door handles a wipe if meeting rooms are visited frequently, as door handles are a prime spot for germs to harbour and breed. Don’t forget, reception areas and meeting rooms are extremely important to the business’ reputation so insist that these are always clean and tidy.

Following these tips should help make your work place a better environment and, as a result, employees should be more motivated to work harder and committed to the company. If you do not have an office cleaner, speak to a few commercial cleaning companies to find out about their services as investing in reputable and reliable cleaners will help your employees and business thrive.

For more information on The Organised Cleaning Company’s commercial cleaning services please call us on 020 7458 4433, email us at or visit our website and submit your request online!

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