Who Hires a Domestic Cleaner?


This week, our guest blogger Sharon Freeman provides some insight into the advantages and what to look out for when hiring a domestic cleaner for your home.

In the UK, families are trending toward hiring professional help to keep their homes clean.  There are many benefits to this, including giving families more free time together, improved sanitation at home and reduced stress levels –  all just by living in a consistently cleaner environment. Today, professional cleaning is a job which gives people opportunities to earn a living wage with benefits, regardless of their level of education.  

Isn’t it expensive?

Of course, the cost of hiring a cleaning professional has traditionally been a far lower percentage of income in the UK than in places like Australia, New Zealand and the United States.  Now, with the common nature of personal maid services, cleaning agencies and professional cleaning companies, it’s possible to pay less based on the frequency and duration of the service you require.  Many families only use a cleaning service for a few hours every one to two weeks.

Are there benefits besides a clean home?

There are some families who are interested in making the switch to a domestic cleaning service can’t quite seem to justify the expense. However, they might do well to realise that keeping their house clean does more than create a pleasant environment.  Kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances fall into disrepair because of limescale buildup, which can be prevented by frequent cleaning.  Carpets and wooden floors alike stay in better condition, and will not need replacing as often, provided they are kept clean and well maintained.  If you’re planning to sell your house at some stage or simply want your home to stand the test of time for future generations, investing in cleaning is an investment towards preserving the future value of your abode.

Are there ethical drawbacks to hiring a domestic cleaner?

Many people look at hiring a domestic cleaner as something reserved for elite families who think they are too good to do their own cleaning.  Of course, it’s never possible to speak for everybody and there are families who hire professional cleaners for this very reason, but most families simply don’t have enough time to clean the house as thoroughly and as often as they would like to.  That being said, it’s important to consider the following points before hiring a professional cleaner or professional cleaning service:

  • Be prepared to pay at least minimum wage (£6.35) or, if based in and around London, a London Living Wage (£8.55). Research what responsible companies in the area are charging, and paying their employees.
  • Find out whether the agency or cleaning company you employ provides their employees with all the required statutory benefits.
  • Make enquiries of the agency or cleaning company as to whether employees are being treated fairly. Ask to speak to agency representatives and ask to interview potential cleaners yourself.  After all, you are opening up your home to these people and the level of service and respect will increase the more happy the professional cleaner is with his or her labor situation.
  • Ensure that any agency or cleaning company you use hires only properly vetted and eligible workers. 
  • Never hire an undocumented worker as an independent contractor.  Even though the price may be lower per hour, the cost could be far greater in the long run.  Doing so can lead to a legal nightmare if discovered, especially for you as the ’employer’ who will be expected in the eyes of the government to provide the proper benefits to all ’employees.’  This also continues the negative pattern of exploiting vulnerable undocumented families, which is very unethical.

At The Organised Cleaning Company, we offer a professional domestic cleaning service and only employ fully vetted (including CRB checks) staff who have plenty of experience cleaning residential homes. We also ensure that our staff are looked after and paid well for their work, which ensures happiness in the workplace and enables us to maintain our exceptional cleaning standards. If you’d like to try our domestic cleaning service, follow this link for more details, call us on 020 7458 4433 (UK only) or email us at iprefer@organisedcleaning.com.

Sharon Freeman is a professional freelancer who writes about cleaning and the latest commercial cleaning trends in the cleaning world.

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