Why choose Green Cleaning?


That’s a good question, and one which this post will aim to answer! Twenty years ago the idea of Green Cleaning was considered nothing more than a fad. However, over the last few years, great progress has been made in the advancement of Green Cleaning products, which are now as good as (and in most cases, even better) than the traditional toxin-based cleaning products.

Making the switch to a toxin-free, environmentally friendly home or office by using Green Cleaning products doesn’t just benefit your health but also other in your household or place of work and may be taking the first positive step to preserve the world we currently live in for future generations.

With Green Cleaning you can take small steps to reducing your negative impact on the plant as it means that you are being more energy-efficient, conserving water and using less petroleum-based products. Using green and ecological cleaning products means that you are using a product which:

  • is not dangerous to your health, people or animals;
  • does not cause damage to the environment during manufacture, use or disposal;
  • does not consume a disproportionate amount of energy and other resources during manufacture, use or disposal;
  • does not cause unnecessary waste due to excessive packaging or short shelf-life; and
  • does not use materials derived from threatened species or environments.

Achieving a truly healthy, green home or office is a gradual process and the first step of Green Cleaning is commitment. Start to control the number of synthetic chemicals you use and look for safer, more ecological alternatives. Cost should not be an obstacle as in many instances Green Cleaning products are price neutral so you are not paying any more for gaining the additional benefits that they give you (protecting your health and the environment, overall cost savings). You will also discover that you don’t need a cupboard full of specialised cleaning products to help you clean, 3 or 4 products may do the trick nicely.

Like any commitment worth honouring, Green Cleaning comes with its own set of challenges but by its very action, Green Cleaning says that there is a better way as you will learn that the quality of your life has little to do with the harsh chemicals you use to clean your toilet!!

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