9 Surprising Office Germ Havens Part I


Following on from our January post regarding tips for keeping your office germ free, we thought it would be useful to be more specific as to where you are most likely to come across germs in the office. As a result, we’ve devised a three part guide, with this the first of three parts!

Germ Haven #1: Computer Mouse and Keyboard

unnamedBarring an occasional visit from your company’s tech guy, you’re the only one who touches your mouse and keyboard, so how dirty could things get? In a word: very. “According to data, these are the worst offenders,” says Donna Duberg, assistant professor of clinical laboratory science at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri. The reason is simple, she says: People rarely clean them and it’s unheard of for cleaning crews to go to that level of detail. So, take matters into your own hands and give your keyboard and mouse a weekly wipe down with disinfecting wipes or spray after you turn your computer off. The key word here is “disinfecting,” not sanitizing. Look for products that say “Kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria” on the label. This is an indication that they will get the job done.

Germ Haven #2: Top of Desk

unnamed-1Research shows that women spend more time at their desks than men. Our hardworking nature, however, is rewarded with bacteria—and lots of it. “Women tend to be at their desks longer than men, and they tend to keep a lot more things on their desktops, too,” says Duberg. Lunch, snacks, a stash of chocolate, magazines, photos of the kids, flowers, plants, candles—all reasonable things that are commonly found on women’s desks—can end up being a germ playground. And when a desktop is rarely or never cleaned, Duberg says, it can become a “buffet for bacteria.” What to do? You guessed it: Clean! Wipe down your desktop frequently—daily if you eat at your desk—with disinfecting wipes or with a disinfecting spray cleaner.

Germ Haven #3: Office Door frame

unnamed-2Of course, you already know that the door handles or knobs are germ magnets, but the door frame? Just think of all the people who pop into your office and stand in the doorway, says Duberg. Next time, notice how they lean on and run their hands along the edges. Everyone does it! This, she says, is why the humble door frame can be a hidden germ zone. Wipe yours down yourself every week or so, or talk to the person who supervises the office cleaning crew to see if they can include door frames on their list of things to disinfect.

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The Organised Cleaning Company is a commercial cleaning company set up by lawyer cum-entrepreneur Matt Harris in 2011. Our office is based in Marylebone and we provide contract and commercial cleaning services throughout central London.

Useful End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips for Tenants Part III



In our continuing series of useful tips for tenants moving out of their rental properties, we thought it would be useful to list a few check-out details which you should be aware of:

  • Utilities – always make a note of the readings on your gas and electric meters to make sure you only pay for what you’ve used.
  • You won’t receive your deposit on the day you move out. A checkout will be carried out on the last day of your tenancy, with a report prepared & sent to the landlord. It’s to your advantage to attend the check-out so you can talk through any issues there are and then to avoid a formal dispute occurring
  • It’s recommended that you compare the state of the property with the check-in report and begin to put right anything which is your responsibility to maintain.

Certain areas of assessment are always carried out during an inspection:

  1. The condition of the furniture
  2. Curtain rods and blinds to make sure they are working
  3. Stains on carpets or rugs
  4. All light bulbs
  5. Batteries in smoke alarms to test if they are working
  6. Domestic appliances to ensure they are working (whilst it may not be your responsibility to repair them, it is the tenant’s responsibility to report their disrepair)

The inventory check will also include close inspection for damage and the cleanliness of the property including:

  1. The condition of walls (dirty marks or damage)
  2. Domestic appliances including dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, oven and hob
  3. The bathroom including furniture, floors and tiling
  4. The kitchen including interior and exterior of cupboards, work surfaces, floors and tiling
  5. Carpets and rugs
  6. Windows – exterior and interior
  7. The furniture (marks and damage)
  8. The tidiness of the garden (if this is stated in the tenancy agreement)

To ensure that you receive 100% of your deposit and avoid any disputes with your landlord, make sure that take these points into account. If you need a hand with any cleaning & property maintenance matters then why not give The Organised Cleaning Company a call on 020 7458 4433 and we’d be happy to help!

Which cleaning service to choose for the (Indian) summer!


Which cleaning services to choose for the summerThere’s no doubt that the professional services of a cleaning company can save you time & effort. They can also ensure   flawless result which you probably can`t achieve by yourself! Whether it’s a big (Indian) summer or spring clean, or even when it comes to pre &  end of tenancy cleaning – we’ve given you a few tips, which can help you pick the right cleaning company for your cleaning requirements:

1) Consider calling the professional cleaners if you have to deal with window cleaning. The inside of the windows are normally easy to clean (depending on their size), but that does depend on how frequently you clean and maintain the condition of your windows. A seasonal wiping off of dust and cleaning via commercial spray for windows with a squeegee might be insufficient, especially if you are located in inner city London. The outside windows are normally more difficult and definitely require professional window cleaners! The windows frames are also important and can be tricky to clean.  Professional window cleaners have all the tools, detergents and polishing waxes to ensure a flawless look of your windows for the (Indian) summer and the winter.

2) A good idea to consider is to bring in a professional cleaning company to clean, sanitize and deodorize your house. This is especially useful if you have small kids at home or you let the pets to sit on the chairs, as well as play onto sofas, etc. Sanitizing only is the best way to repel future stains, bacteria and microorganisms, while the professional sanitizing machines are undoubtedly the best tool for this purpose.

3) A big domestic clean usually involves hiring a professional cleaning company to deal with your kitchen clean. This saves you plenty of time dealing with grease, dirt and the most dreaded of all – the oven! A professional cleaning company knows how best how to avoid risks of damaging or scratching delicate glossy parts during the fridge or oven cleaning, and will also make sure that every last bit of dirt and grease is dealt with in the kitchen.

4) There are cleaning companies that are specialized in cleaning outdoor spaces too – the perfect choice if your garden is bigger than the house itself. From shaping the branches of the trees and cleaning hardwood decks, to flower maintenance and removal of piled leafs in the gutters – there are plenty of great cleaning tasks that await you in the outdoor spaces.

5) Deep cleaning carpets, rugs and other textile floorings! If your carpets are big & heavy, they become even heavier when they are soaked up in water and detergents. It always pays to call in the professionals to give them a good clean. That`s why hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is another great hint for the summer.

If you require help with any spring cleaning or deep cleaning in London & the Home Counties, contact The Organised Cleaning Company on 020 7458 4433 or email us on iprefer@organisedcleaning.com. Alternatively you can visit our website and submit your request online and receive a little treat!

Move-Out Cleaning: Get Your Security Deposit Back


Move-Out Cleaning_ Get Your Security Deposit BackBeing a temporary tenant means eventually having to move out of your rental property. It will also mean that before becoming a tenant, you will have paid a security deposit which you’ll want back when you leave your rental property in the same state it was when you started your tenancy (or an even better state if you have good intentions!). In any case, when you move out it means that it’s time for some end of tenancy cleaning.

Now, you might wonder what this entails so we thought we’d prepare a simple guide for those who are renting for the first time and want to clean their flat well enough for your security deposit to be refund in full by your landlord.

The easiest option is hiring a cleaning service. A well-established domestic cleaning company or a professional end of tenancy cleaning company will do wonders for your flat or house. If you do chose a professional cleaning service, you should be aware of what will happen in your soon-to-be ex-flat.

1. Kitchen – This will be the hardest and most time consuming part of the clean. The oven, extractor & hood and hob always need attention and will need to be scrubbed to remove burnt on grease. Refrigerators, dishwashers, and cupboards will be cleaned and disinfected. All appliances and counters will be moved and swept behind.

2. Bathroom – second to the kitchen, this will probably be the hardest and most tedious part of the clean. Removing limescale from porcelain, glass and stainless steel fittings will be a priority. Cleaning the shower, faucets, tub, sinks, and toilet will be taken care of to a shiny result.

2. Dusting – Removing dust from all surfaces, inside cupboards and hard to reach areas will ensure that  after finishing, your flat will look spotlessly clean. Ceilings won’t be forgotten (including any stray cobwebs!) and a thorough vacuuming of the carpet s is always a good idea  – especially if you have long hair as it’s likely they would have collected in the carpet fibres – as these will be cleaned up.

3. Windows – The cleaners will be equipped with T-bars and squeegees to clean the glass, frames and window sill of the windows, using the appropriate products.

4.  Walls – If the flat has painted walls or wallpaper, any removable stains will be cleaned.  Any that cannot be removed should be notified to you so you can discuss with the landlord whether any payment needs to be made for the damage you should just pay for that damage. With painted walls, any stains that cannot be removed should be painted over before handing the property back to the landlord, provided you can find the matching colour paint!

5. Light switches & fittings – Cleaning the light switches and fittings is a simple thing but easily missed. Dust settles easily on light fittings and people usually forget about them.

Cleaning services are an expense which is the only real drawback, but to make sure that you receive your deposit back in full, it is probably the smartest option. There are many professional cleaners that will do a brilliant job.

Make sure you hire the right people who have all in place, be it cleaning products, materials and cleaning equipment, carpet cleaning machine and all in place to ensure you get your tenancy cleaning all spick and span!

If you require help with your end of tenancy cleaning in London, contact The Organised Cleaning Company on 020 7458 4433 or email us on iprefer@organisedcleaning.com. Alternatively you can visit our website and submit your request online and receive a little treat!

Who are the messiest office workers?



A survey of 2,000 employees has revealed that accountants and lawyers are guilty of having the messiest desks. The research which was carried out by Viking, an office supplies firm, showed that 56% of respondents admitted to knowing a colleague who suffered from messy desk syndrome. Of these colleagues, accountants took pole position as the worst offenders at 64%, closely followed by lawyers at 61%. In contrast bankers (33%) and estate agents (35%) were considered the tidiest.

This public naming and shaming of office workers also acts as a warning that the mounds of paperwork on your desk can conceal hidden germs that can cause serious health issues and spread illness.

Warning: Don’t read this if you haven’t eaten lunch yet.

You might think your desk is pretty clean, but take a look at what’s lurking:

  • Keyboards contain 70 percent more bacteria than a toilet seat.Office phones host around 25,000 germs per square inch.Office desks are more than 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat.The area on your desk where your hands rest has around 10,000 bacteria.
  • The main source of this bacteria is the food traces left after eating lunch at your desk.
  • Without cleaning, a small area on your desk or phone can sustain millions of bacteria that could potentially cause illness.

Another study which took swabs of 300 untidy desks discovered that many contained common bacteria known to cause sickness, including bacillus (90%), staphylococcus (60%) and micrococcus (50%). Workers with a cold or flu virus can also pass it on through office equipment such as photocopiers and microwaves.

To help prevent the spread of germs in your office, think about employing a professional commercial cleaning company.

Here at The Organised Cleaning Company, we like to think of ourselves as ‘miracle workers’. Our team of cleaners have the ability to convert even the dirtiest, messiest offices into works of art.

Our dedication to consistently good service means that 99% of our clients would never consider using another cleaning company. So if your office or commercial premises is in need of some TLC, drop us a line at iprefer@organisedcleaning.com or call us on 020 7458 4433.

Periodical Office Cleaning Guide


Periodical office cleaning guideWho wants to walk into an office that is messy, unclean and smelly? Not only would you risk annoying your employees but also risk creating a bad first impression for potential clients!  A clean office provides its employees with a healthy and happy working environment and we would suggest hiring professional cleaning contractors to do the job.

However, but if you’d rather clean the office yourself, we’ve pulled together a handy list which may help:

1. Preparing to clean

Keep all the cleaning solutions, equipment and accessories for the task handy. Remember to put up safety signs in areas where you will be cleaning. Keep wipes, disinfectant sprays, mop, soft cloth, duster and vacuum cleaner in an accessible store cupboard in the office.

You can also ask staff to carry out small cleaning tasks like wiping their tables, washing up crockery & cutlery and keeping their desks tidy.

2. Daily cleaning

Before you leave office each night, look around to see if there are any papers that can be tossed into the recycling bin. Vacuum the carpet and spot clean any spills. Wipe down desks, and clean the kitchen area, especially emptying bins. If you have toilets in the office, these will also need to be cleaned. Keep wipes, diluted detergent and microfiber cloth handy for these tasks.

3. Weekly cleaning

Use a dry cloth to dust all cabinets and shelves. Use a disinfectant spray and soft cloth or paper towel to wipe tables, telephones, keyboards and Dust or wipe clean all surfaces low traffic areas. It might be useful to have a weekly clear desk and clear fridge policy so that these areas can be cleaned (and prevent any dodgy smells!)

4. Monthly cleaning

Vacuum all vents and clear the ceiling of any cobwebs. Use a newspaper and some water to wipe clean the window panes, make sure you get rid of all finger prints. Alternatively, you can arrange professional window cleaners to get this task done. Vacuum all the carpets and upholstery; don’t forget to clean under the table and hard to reach places. You can also consider polishing the tables and chair with a furniture polish to give it a refurbished shine.

5. Bi-annual cleaning

Every six months it is recommended that you carry out a deep clean of the office, including the office windows, carpets and upholstery. If the furniture looks tired and worn out then apply some furniture polish and re-polish the hard floors in the office with commercially available solutions. Wash all removable and washable upholstery, door mats and rugs.

It is important to follow a regular cleaning schedule and if time does not permit you to clean the office yourself, then get in touch with your nearest cleaning agency. Most cleaning companies are equipped with professional products and equipment that can reinstate your carpets, sparkle your windows and make your office look spotlessly clean.

Tips for cleaning your office on a budget


9A270AAB-3932-4D60-8BEA-F6734E3995DFCleaning the office is normally one of the most dreaded tasks, yet it remains vital in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of your workforce. Whilst we would suggest appointing a commercial cleaner to ensure all problem spots are completely cleaned, we’ve also put together a few tips on cleaning your office on a budget.

First things first, you will need to de-clutter and organise the office. Make each employee responsible for their own space and divide jobs for organising shelves, bookcases, drawers between the workforce. This exercise can help with team building too.

Get rid of any items you haven’t used in the last four weeks and keep only the necessities on your desk. By clearing the space, you will be able to conduct a thorough clean of the office. Clean and clear desks make way for productivity.

Unless you have an office cleaner, you will need to buy the right products for use when cleaning different surfaces.

A trade tip, though, is to use lemon juice. It’s one of the best natural cleaners due to the antibacterial properties it possesses, as well as its low PH. With its fresh smell, lemon juice is a chemical free way of cleaning materials such as fabric or wood with very little risk of damage.

To clean laminate surfaces the natural way, use a diluted lemon juice solution in a spray bottle. Simply spray, rinse with water and wipe dry afterwards. The fresh smell is sure to lift the office space and bring that spring feeling indoors.

Microwaves are notorious for harbouring germs, especially in busy offices. If you do not have an office cleaner, we have a tip for you. Place a cup three-quarters full of water and lemon juice into the microwave and heat until it’s boiling – leave the door closed for around ten minutes. After the ten minutes, use a clean cloth to wipe away food particles and get rid of those unpleasant food odours too.

Do your employees bring food to work? Another tip is to soak containers in diluted lemon juice, add some baking soda and scrub. By doing this, the stains and odours are removed leaving them clean and fresh ready for tomorrow’s lunch.

These tips are designed to make lemons work as more than just one of your five a day. But to remove the hassle of cleaning, why not let The Organised Cleaning Company work for you? We can help to give your space more than the annual spring clean and have it lemony fresh all year round.

For more information on The Organised Cleaning Company’s services please contact 020 7458 4433 or email iprefer@organisedcleaning.com.

What are your top office gripes?



While you read this, you’re likely to be sat at your desk in an office. As you’re sat there is a colleague annoying you by eating noisily or talking too loudly on the phone?!

With millions of us working in an office every day, it is hardly surprising that there are a few things that annoy us about our colleagues or working environment.

What’s interesting to us at The Organised Cleaning Company is that rather than professional bug bears, such as people not taking ownership for their actions, it’s food and cleanliness grievances that come out on top.

Messy colleagues and dirty communal areas are a big bugbear for staff.

Leaving festering food in the fridge, colleagues failing to wash up after themselves, unclean cups on the side, stacks of unwashed plates, people not cleaning the microwave after their Pot Noodle explodes – all major gripes, and often leading to snarky round-robin emails.

What are your top office gripes? Share them via our Twitter page @TheOrgCleanCo or post a comment on our Facebook page using #officegripes and remember to give us a call on 020 7458 4433 if you need a hand with your office cleaning!

What to include on an office cleaning checklist


OCC - Logo Proof 1

Everyone knows how important cleaning the office is but it can sometimes be overlooked to finish that all important piece of work. When you are able to clean the office, it’s important to have a checklist that you stick to. That way, you can guarantee that your office will be as germ free as possible. We’ve put together a few simple tips on what you should include on your office cleaning checklist.

Even if you have a commercial cleaner, they may not be up to scratch, so these are the areas you need to make sure they pay particular attention to.

Make your desk a priority!

  • Your computer – As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, your computer, mouse and keyboard often harbour more germs than the average toilet seat – not the nicest fact to know! Therefore, to avoid these festering germs, clean your computer, keyboard and mouse with antibacterial wipes or sprays as often as possible, particularly if you’re one of those office workers who eats lunch at their desk!
  • Your drawer – Whilst it’s not as frequently used as your desk and laptop, your drawers can still harbour germs and dust. Go through drawers regularly, getting rid of clutter and sort through paperwork.
  • If you keep fruit or biscuits in your drawer, make sure you don’t keep them in there for too long as they can become breeding grounds for germs and often leave an unpleasant smell in the office.
  • Telephones – Whilst your commercial cleaner may clean your telephone handset regularly, you may want to use antibacterial wipes just to remove any extra germs which have gathered throughout the day. This is particularly important if you share handsets as this is a prime way of picking up unwanted illnesses.

The types of things you may wish to include on a commercial cleaners checklist are:

  • Reception area – This is key to making a good impression to clients so make sure the whole area is presentable. Hoover every day and wipe down the main desk and seating area. Clean doors to remove any handprints and cobwebs.
  • Toilet and Bathroom areas – Cleaning the bathroom is extremely important to maintaining the health and wellbeing of staff. Cleaners should clean basins, toilets and bathroom floors every day thoroughly. They should ensure bins are emptied and that there is enough toilet room, soap and paper towels. Polish all mirrors and wipe down any surfaces and door handles with sanitiser. It may also be worth putting an air fragrance spray in the bathroom to get rid of any unpleasant odours.
  • Kitchen – Most commercial cleaners will be aware of how important keeping the kitchen sanitised is but make sure they pay particular attention to disinfecting all work surfaces, floors and sinks. Also ensure they clean the fridge and microwave as again these are areas which are prime for picking up unwanted germs.
  • General office cleaning – Empty all bins regularly and sanitise them, hoover all floors, and wipe down and sanitise any tables, particularly if they are communal. Clean all windows, removing any fingerprints, including windowsills. Wipe and sanitise all door handles to avoid the spread of unwanted illnesses. Sanitise high traffic items such as photocopiers, printers and telephones.

By following these simple tips your can guarantee you will have a germ-free and healthy working environment for all.

The Organised Cleaning Company is a commercial cleaning company set up by entrepreneur Matt Harris in 2011. It has an office in Marylebone and operates throughout London.

The advantages of hiring office cleaners


The advantages of hiring office cleanersCleaning the office may not be a task your employees are willing to carry out and it might also distract them from more important tasks of working! You don’t want losing money because your employees are too busy cleaning the kitchen to answer an important call, right? Therefore, if you have troubles clearing your office yourself you should consider hiring professional cleaners.

Nowadays there are lots of different companies offering a variety of cleaning services, which has meant that the cleaning industry is growing quickly. Companies are offered almost any service they could need giving time of the employees to concentrate on their primary duties. Of course, more traditional managers could still insist that cleaning together creates community spirit and shows the employees that all are equal, but how often that is the case in modern companies?

The idea of everyone doing the cleaning together just doesn’t hold anymore in the modern corporate environment! Unlike home cleaning where everyone can share their responsibility a company is a place where people are expected to work together and strict hierarchy and list of tasks is required. That means that the most tedious and unpleasant tasks are always going to go to the personnel lower in hierarchy destroying the community spirit rather than creating it. So why have a special unit just for cleaning or force people in the lowest levels the tedious tasks when you could hire professional cleaners which will do the job better?

Cleaning companies have the right personnel, equipment and experience to provide you with the best & most professional office cleaning service required.They can provide the most efficient and time-saving way to keep your office tidy and in order. It is a much better alternative although it does not sound like this at first. It both saves the time of your employees to concentrate in what you pay them to do and adds to your corporate atmosphere. Your personnel would feel better if the most tedious chores are done by someone outside organization rather by themselves. You could raise their self-confidence if you make them feel more important in their own eyes by not making them do the chores. You could try hiring professional cleaners on your own but are you sure they can do a better then a cleaning company? Cleaning companies can also carry out carpet cleaning amongst other cleaning services that may be necessary in the office. Consider who will be a more efficient cleaner, an employee who only has one office to clean or a team of  professional cleaners who are occupied full time and this is their specialty?

For more information on The Organised Cleaning Company’s office cleaning services and janitorial supplies, please contact 020 7458 4433, email iprefer@organisedcleaning.com or visit our website and complete our quote request form online!

The Organised Cleaning Company is a commercial cleaning company set up by lawyer cum-entrepreneur Matt Harris in 2011. Our office is based in Marylebone and we provide contract and commercial cleaning services throughout central London.

9 Surprising Office Germ Havens Part III


Here is your final instalment of our three part series on surprising office germ havens. Don’t forget that we can help keep your office clean & germ free on a daily basis, all you have to do is give us a call on 020 7458 4433!

Germ Haven #7: Copy Machine

unnamed-3Duberg says it surprises many people to hear that a copier could be a germy place. But just think of how often this machine gets used and how many people share it. One push of a button can leave behind countless germs and bacteria that could make you sick. While you can’t walk around the office wearing plastic gloves (nor would you want to), you can remember not to touch your face after handling shared office equipment. Better yet: Wash your hands after using the copier—whether it’s just one quick copy or a stack of sorting and stapling.

Germ Haven #8: Fridge

unnamed-4Moldy sandwiches, condiments that expired in 1993, and a petrified carton of half-and-half that nobody will touch—office refrigerators can get out of control fast. Take the incident at an office complex in San Jose earlier this year: The break-room refrigerator situation got so out of control that when a cleaning crew was called in to toss rotten food and sanitize the situation, the fumes made employees so sick that seven people were hospitalized and 28 sought medical treatment for nausea and vomiting. Avoid refrigerator-induced health drama by instituting an office-wide toss day, where unmarked and expired food is thrown out every week, or every two weeks. In addition, adds Duberg, it’s always a good idea to wash your hands after touching the fridge door handle or suspicious-looking food.

Germ Haven #9: Conference Room Table

unnamed-5Think about the chain of events for the average conference room table: breakfast meeting at 9 a.m., creative brainstorming session with doughnuts at 10 a.m., team powwow at 11 a.m., followed by a staff birthday party luncheon at noon. Does the table get wiped down between sessions? Not likely. Instead, germs and viruses left behind from previous meeting attendees begin to multiply, eager to hitchhike onto your hands and arms as you sit around the table. The best way to take a conference room table from a breeding ground for bacteria to a clean surface is to institute an office-wide cleaning policy, advises Duberg. If food was served and eaten on the table, the table needs to be wiped down with a cloth and disinfecting spray.

For more information on The Organised Cleaning Company’s office cleaning services and janitorial supplies, please contact 020 7458 4433, email iprefer@organisedcleaning.com or visit our website and complete our quote request form online!

The Organised Cleaning Company is a commercial cleaning company set up by lawyer cum-entrepreneur Matt Harris in 2011. Our office is based in Marylebone and we provide contract and commercial cleaning services throughout central London.

“Qwerty Tummy” – How your keyboard is 5 times dirtier than a toilet seat!


UnknownWe came across this article from a few years back, which claims that computer keyboards can harbour more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat (or so it’s claimed….in the Daily Mail).

Stomach bugs and the risk of becoming ill due to keyboards having up to 150 times the acceptable limit of bacteria and was 5 times filthier than a typical toilet seat.

The article makes interesting reading, and you can follow this link for an interesting read!